Sunday Nights and Bible Studies

June 2, 2013 | by: Dr. Micheal Pardue, Sr. | 0 Comments


Sorry about any confusion about our Bible study tonight. I had meant to announce it this morning and simply failed to do so. We had a great group and I will continue to offer a Bible study this summer summer to anyone who wants to attend.

The leadership of the church is looking at the possibility of having regular Sunday evening activities for adults. We have a wide range of options on what we can do and we do not want it to be just another service. We want something lively and interesting that you can invite unchurched friends to but primarily a place where you can grow in your faith. If you have ideas, please email them to me while we are in the planning process.

I am also working on offering two men's Bible studies each week. One early in the morning and the other late at night. At the moment I am looking at the following:

Tuesdays - 6:30a.m.
Thursdays - 9:00p.m.

If you would be interested in this, please email me back so I can get you on the list and begin making plans to get these things started.

Ladies, do not worry. We will be looking to do something similar for you. If you are interested in helping me start Bible studies for women, email me.

I pray you have a wonderful week and that the Lord will bless you.

Dr. Micheal Pardue


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