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On the Brink...

As I sat down to watch the newly released videos of the chemical weapons attack in Syria, I was not terribly shocked by the graphic images they contained. It seems there is less and less to call shocking. I was, however, completely and utterly disgusted. I understand completely why they are being used to drum up support for military action against the Assad regime in Syria. They are truly repulsive. At the same time, the news announcer from CNN repeated time after time that these videos show proof of an attack while not proving who launched it. And that is where we find ourselves. Disgusted and heartbroken at the loss of life, especially the children who are caught up in a conflict where none of the participating sides will offer them a better life, I am left thinking that I need make a decision on which side I should come down on. There will be no deliverance from Assad or the rebels. There will be no freedom offered by men who use chemical weapons or execute prisoners of war. I am hard pressed to find hope regardless of the response of our President and Congress.

My mind goes back to the children. Even as the children of my church are being loud and rambunctious outside my office door, I think of the relative safety and security we are able to provide for them between the shores of our nation. Those children who were summarily snuffed out in the suburbs of Damascus will never know that security. They only know war and the oppression of evil. It has been said that, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It is a noble statement, but problematic in our current dilemma. Is this the case where good men will do something only to replace evil with evil? Do we need more war? Will inaction be a license for further atrocities? The Apostle Paul reminds those who follow Christ to, “overcome evil with good.” I struggle with what that looks like in Syria. I know they need our prayers. I am confident they need our help. However, I am glad my voice does not matter much in this debate, because the more I think about it, the less I am sure what to say or do.

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