Sundays | 9am


What to expect?

Come as you are to gather with us on Sundays.  You can let the weather determine what you wear, not tradition.  If you can make it early, we always have a hot breakfast ready before our 9am gathering.  


Each Sunday our praise team and choir lead us to the throne of grace with uplifting and powerful songs that remind us of God's glory.  


We believe the Bible is God's Word - how He's revealed Himself to us. The Bible is more than just a history book or a list of rules or doctrine or a help-me-I-don't-know-what-to-do manual. The Bible tells the incredible story of God's love demonstrated for us in Jesus Christ and resulting in the restoration of the world. When we approach the Bible like this, our lives map onto the sacred text. God's Word is the foundation of everything we do and matters for how we live. So we give the biggest segment of our time together (approximately 45 mintues) to hearing God's Word taught.IMG_1763.PNG

Kids and the Sermon

Because this can be a long time for a young child and to allow a frank proclamation of truth, we provide the opportunity for children 4 years old through 2nd grade to be with the adults during the music and then go to an age approriate environment to learn truth on a more appropriate level. Kids even younger are welcomed to stay with our qualified children's ministry volunteers throughout the entire morning. 


Because God's Word matters for our lives, we don't just want to hear about it. We want to apply it. So after the church-wide gathering, we disperse across our campus in Life Application Groups to discuss the sermon and help one another apply it to our lives. 

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