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May 31, 2013 | by: Dr. Micheal Pardue, Sr. | 0 Comments

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How odd it is that when my family moved to Icard it was snowing. I remember the extra effort we put in to getting our stuff up here a night earlier than expected because of the threat of bad weather. That seems like just yesterday and yet I sit here this morning in shorts and sandals as the temperature quickly rises outside my office. Those rising temperatures are a reminder that summer has come and we have a lot to do. I want to encourage you with this fact: You are needed for the work that we have to do this summer! From mission trips to youth camp to our Family Fun Nights, summer may prove to be the most exciting time of the year here at FBI. God is doing an amazing thing here at our church and I do not want you to miss out.

One of the most exciting things that I am seeing right now is your excitement about our Sanctuary Revitalization Project. God has blessed us with an awesome place to gather together for fellowship and worship. Unfortunately, it has lain dormant for over two years. That is quickly changing. Not only will we be there this coming Sunday, June 2, but also we are looking to return, with the comfort of a new heating and air system, before the end of the year. You have been so generous in your giving toward this project. We are over halfway to our goal.

This project, however, will not distract us from our mission. I have said all along that the condition of our sanctuary was a distraction that we needed to remove from before us. My hope is that once it is taken care of we will be free to do ministry like never before. I am working on several ideas with various leaders in our church that I believe will help enrich our abilities to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether we worship in our Christian Life Center or our sanctuary or out in our parking lot, our mission is to proclaim the mighty Gospel of Christ. Let us take that opportunity now, not waiting until we meet this goal or that. Let us make our singular goal the proclamation of what Christ has done. My suspicion is that when we do that, we will see the other things fall in to place. May God bless you this month.


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