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How to Eradicate Terrorism

I must begin by being clear that I am not naïve about the realities of terrorism. I am also not naïve that those realities often are and should be met with a return of force. I still remember vividly in March of 2003 as bombs lit up the night skies over Baghdad. However, this is not about a government or judicial response to the events of the last twenty-four hours in Boston, MA. Maybe this article is better titled, “How do Christians Fight Terrorism?” That, however, is not as enticing.
I have complete confidence that our brave law enforcement officers will find those who are responsible for these cowardly acts. I hope that they are able to bring down swift justice that is not encumbered by the bureaucracies that sometimes render that an impossible task. My message, however, is not to our government. From the point-of-view of those who have been set in authority over us, the solutions involve diplomacy, sanctions, and retaliation. The solution that believers in Christ have is much different—we have the Gospel.
We live in a world that is increasingly becoming a darker place. We see hatred and malice around each corner and on each newscast. The eradication of terrorism (along with any other vice that so entangles and threatens us) will not be a result of governmental agencies or political posturing. We will not find real solutions to terrorism with liberal political agendas or conservative political ideologies. We have seen both over the nearly twelve years since 9/11, and yet we turn on the news today to see the same stories that have caused us to become jaded and apathetic.
Maybe…just maybe, the answer is Jesus. Not the “Social Jesus” who only cares about our temporal needs. Not the “Good Jewish Teacher” who provides us a few good principles to live by. And most certainly not the “Buddy Christ” who serves as a “good luck charm, [who] keeps me from harm and saves me from speeding tickets.”
Maybe the answer for the world we live in is the ruling and reigning Son of God who died in our place. Maybe the answer is the suffering servant who endured God’s wrath so that we can have true life and true freedom. Maybe the answer is the Christ who offers deliverance to those who are captive to terrorism. Maybe the answer is the Gospel. Maybe the answer is Jesus.