Save Me Oh My God (Psalm 3)

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May 23, 2021 by: Dr. Micheal Pardue, Sr. Category: Old Testament Scripture: Psalm 3:1–3:8 Tags: Salvation, God, old testament

Where is your hope when the world is against you?

(1) David is full of worry and fear v1-2

(2) David remembered the attributes of God's salvation v3-4
          (a) God is our shield
          (b) God is the author of David's story
          (c) God lifts David's head
          (d) God answers our prayers

(3) David is comforted and at rest v5-6

(4) David realizes his dependence on the Lord v7-8

CHALLENEGE: Are you dependent upon the Lord in your times of distress?

FINAL THOUGHT: Our fears are met with grace from the God who saves